Energy Storage at the
Edge of the Grid

About our Company

GridFlow is developing lithium-sulfur hybrid flow battery technology to support tomorrow’s grid, which will be stabilized with distributed energy storage. We are bringing safe and cost-effective energy storage to the edge of the grid, creating a safer, more sustainable, and resilient tomorrow.

About our Technology

Lithium and sulfur are two of the most energy-dense materials for constructing a battery.
Our hybrid flow battery architecture allows the solid lithium metal anode to be physically separated from the liquid cathode. The cathode is an electrolyte solution containing lithium salt and sulfur. The lithium metal is converted to lithium ions on the anode side as the battery is discharged. On the cathode side, the lithium salt and sulfur become lithium sulfide as the battery is discharged. Both sides of the battery contain additional chemicals that assist with the charging and discharging reactions. A pump moves the electrolyte around with the pump’s speed, controlling the battery’s discharge rate.

Advantages of GridFlow’s Lithium-Sulfur Technology:

  1. Lower cost and higher energy density: with lithium and sulfur materials and the flow battery architecture, we expect to achieve 10X higher energy density than today’s home energy storage solutions at a 10X lower cost per kW-hr.
  2. Enhanced safety: Flow batteries separate the anode from the cathode, so the stored energy is released slowly if there is a fire. Lithium-ion batteries can produce catastrophic fires because the stored energy can be released rapidly.
  3. Scalability: Because the quantity of anode and cathode materials can be scaled independently from the power delivered by the battery, the total stored energy is decoupled from its power rating. This means that flow batteries can be readily scaled for specific applications.

Target Markets

  1. Home-Based Power: Imagine a world where your home’s energy storage is efficient, sustainable, and long-lasting. Our Lithium-Sulfur batteries will make that dream a reality, ensuring you always have the power you need when needed.
  2. Microgrids: As we advance, we focus on microgrids—decentralized energy systems that can operate independently or in conjunction with the main power grid. Our technology can make these systems more cost-effective, safe, and resilient.
  3. Grid-Scale Power: Looking ahead, our Lithium-Sulfur technology’s ultimate potential is to support and revolutionize large-scale, long-duration energy storage systems, maximizing grid resiliency.

Energy Storage at the Edge of the Grid

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